Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did You Know That....

Chris & I had our 6-month anniversary last month?? I can hardly believe its already been half a year...and that we're still happily married after SUCH a long time. ;P My mom is super-awesome at remembering our month-to-month anniversaries and for this one, she bought us some champagne glasses and sparkling cider...mmmmm. 

I graduated from college! After four (and a half) years, I have completed my Bachelor of Arts degree! Chris took me to Ninja to celebrate with sushi. Try the Las Vegas roll, its a good one!

I am Dutch! Haha okay so only really by marriage, but I realized this month that its a legacy I know practically nothing about, but its something I would like my kids to know about. According to tradition, on December 6th you leave your shoes out with your Christmas list, and St. Nicholas takes the list and fills the shoes with candy. Although we forgot to leave our shoes out, St. Nicholas did manage to send us some Dutch goodies by way of Chris's dad. ;) I think we will definitely keep this tradition in our family...after all, it means more Dutch chocolate for me (and, I suppose, Chris) (and also eventually kids)! 

                                                                    ........Now You Know!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Two Holidays--One Blog.

Well aren't the holidays just awesome (And I mean they really are).

Chris & I had a rockin' night at the Fall Ball here at SUU--we got to dress up and get dinner for free! The dance was a lot of fun--and who knew I married a man with such...unique...moves? ;)

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we threw our annual Pre-Thanksgiving party. We deep-fried a TWENTY-THREE POUND turkey! Phew. We also managed to squeeze 22 people into our kitchen! It turned out to be oodles of fun and I was so grateful for all of the wonderful friends who came to spend time with us!

Here are all the pies/desserts we good...
I had to wait a couple hours after dinner was over before I even had room for any! So much food!

And just this past Sunday we decided to have a 'hot chocolate party' and hand around some gifts we'd bought for our friends. We had a pretty good time watching the expressions on their faces as they opened their gifts. Russell got a baby launcher...Matt got an 'Awesome' pin....Mario got fry sauce...haha they were all pretty random! After that we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Definitely one of my top Christmas movies! 

Happy Holidays y'all. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

You All Know You Need This

Yummy Homemade Apple Crisp (For those just-too-freakin-cold days) (Plus its so super easy to make)

1 cup butter, softened

2 cups flour  
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. salt
Blend together until crumbled.
Core, peel, and cut about 6 apples.  Place them in a 13×9 baking dish.  Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and sugar.  Crumble topping on top and bake at 350 for 35 minutes or until slightly brown on top.  Broil it for a couple minutes after cooking to make it nice and crispy – but watch so it doesn't burn! I also like to sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar over the top. 

I made this last week and it was delicious! Just what we needed on those cold mornings. Sadly, it was gone too fast. 
This week we both have colds. I am quite seriously ready to shoot my nose off if it doesn't stop running. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So Chris & I threw an epic Halloween party....just sayin'. :) But this was by far my favorite year! We celebrated carnival-style: we had a ring-toss, apple-bobbing, find the penny in the pudding, a ball toss to win goldfish, marshmallow roasting and plain old fun! It  was a success! We were a little unsure if anyone was going to come, but we ended up with a really good turnout. Chris went as David Bowie, and I went as Lady Gaga; we figured they made an awesome couple. :)

Also, we went to see Thriller at Tuacahn! AMAZING.
And completely unrelated to that, here are some crafts I completed! 
Go me!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photography Class and Arizona English

Now, I don't claim to be great at picture-taking, or even good, but I've been trying awfully hard to be at least likeable. :) These are a few of my favorites... 

I've actually been really enjoying experimenting. I'm getting pretty pro at using my little digital point-and-shoot. Nothing high-tech for me! 

I'm getting excited for Halloween with all the leaves changing, as I'm sure you all are! I haven't done much yet by way of decorating, sadly. I threw a garland of leaves across the piano and spread 'creepy cloth' over the endtables. I just need to go search out some good deals! Or make it myself...hmmm...more to come on that idea. 

My brother leaves TOMORROW for a mission in Tempe Arizona. His farewell talk was a couple of weeks ago...My favorite part was as he was telling the congregation where he was going and what language he was speaking (and I paraphrase): "So when I opened my call, I saw that I was going to Tempe, Arizona, English-speaking. And I thought, 'Crap! English is one of the hardest languages to learn!'" Haha!  I love my brother's sense of humor. I wish him all the luck in the WORLD!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We bought a PIANO!
I can't even tell you how excited I am. 
Thanks to my husband for working hard to support my talents. 
<3 <3 <3

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Longer a Mod-Podge Virgin.

Yes, its true. I actually completed a project! And I have a very bad photo to prove it:

I'm very proud.

With my DH's help, I modpodged this poster to a thin board we bought at Home Depot. Then, we modpodged over the top, spray-painted the black border, and clear-coated over everything. I feel just like a mother who birthed her first child. 

We also completed another project, of which, sadly, I have no pictures. You'll just have to take my word that it's awesome. Its a cat tree--and the cats love it! Also, it sits over the top of the litter box, so you'd never know its there! Its much prettier to look at and it covers the smell. 

By way of other news, we've killed off two more of our fish. They were eating the other fish---what goes around comes around, wouldn't you say? Serves them right. 

We've been surviving school rather well. Of course we're busy, with jobs and school, but we still try to go out and have some fun. Can you guess what this is?

Its the embers from a bonfire we had. Pretty cool, eh? And yesterday for our date night we went out for sushi--sushi is a once-in-a-while commodity that is necessary to our survival. I don't know what I'd do without it! Nor do I know what I would do without my sweet husband to support me. I came home to this one day:

We are not addicts. I promise. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

School. It Has Begun. But It Has Not Yet Obliterated Life.

I can't believe we're already on the second week of school! I'm sure I'll be tired of it soon, but right now it seems to be flying by! And other than one embarrassing incident where I knocked my bag over and a bright yellow tampon fell out, it hasn't been all that bad. I will cautiously say I'm going to enjoy my classes (you never know when that might change). I feel so old and smart. The only part I'm having trouble with in my new schedule is getting up at 5:30am twice a week. I'm just hoping my body will get the hang of these new hours pretty quick. 
Here I am, being excited about doing stuff

In spite of all the reading and writing and studying, the man and I have still found some time to go out and enjoy ourselves (technically...we FORCEFULLY MADE time). We went to 2 movies: Scott Pilgrim, and Vampires Suck. Let me just say--Scott Pilgrim? "An epic of epic epicness" ( Please, see the movie! It will better your life.  As for Vampires Suck, well, it was funny, but I would put it in the 'wait 'til its in redbox' category. I also got out of making dinner for a couple nights, as we happened upon some free pizza for a work powwow and a class meeting. I love that you can always find free food somewhere around here. Speaking of which, Bread & Soup Nite starts soon! Yum. But anyway. On Sunday, we threw a huge dinner for a bunch of our friend family. I include this in my list of fun things we've done, because I enjoyed it! Part of that was the fact that I didn't have to do many dishes...we went disposable. We had a total of 12 people over, and we fed them ALL. And most recently on the list of things we've done was attending a good friend's birthday party, where we ate German chocolate cake and homemade Danish pastries. 
It turned out super fun (it had to be, it was Star-Wars themed)! As a gift, we bought her a purple Betta fish, whom she named Fromage (I hope all you french-speakers understand the hilarity of this). So fitting. It was a great night--we got to see old friends, meet new people (one of whom I actually ended up recognizing from years ago), and we talked late into the night. 11pm is late for us. SHUT UP. Although we were told several times that night what a cool married couple we were! Which is nice to hear, because we both try to stay involved. What can I say? We love sticking ourselves smack-dab in the middle of life! 

On a side note...these pillows were a late birthday gift from my mother-in-law! She made the quilted shams ( to match the bedspread which she ALSO made) and the white ruffly one herself! At last....I feel our bed is complete. 

Friday, August 20, 2010


What a week! This past weekend, Chris and I spent a couple days in Mesquite. So lovely and HOT. We had a pool though, so all was not melted. To clarify, we had a 24-HOUR pool. Legen--wait for it----DARY! (Props to Barney) But going back, before we ever got to Mesquite we stopped in St. George for a temple visit. All of the temple I've been in thus far are newer(ish) ones, so it was interesting to be in one that was so much older. Things were set up a little differently,and I was afraid I might get lost, but of course I didn't. Too may people willing to be friendly! After we finished the session, we spent a little time shopping and spending the leftovers of our wedding gift cards. Then we headed to Mesquite for the rest of the day. We had found a great deal on a suite for only a tad more than a normal room, and we decided to go for it. Why not, right? Although I must admit, the room didn't get much good use until later, as my first reaction was to throw my clothes on the floor, put on my swimsuit and run right back out. I was so excited for the pool! It was very refreshing in the hot weather. I alternated between melting in the sun and shivering in the pool--I'm pretty sure it wasn't heated at all during the day, but it didn't need to be! Despite my shivering-slash-melting, I enjoyed it muchly. 

Chris is concentrating on getting the focus right....LOL
The next part of the evening was a wedding reception for some friends of ours (this is actually the reason we were in Mesquite). It was at the Falcon Ridge Golf Course, very pretty, very scenic. Although we were supposedly part of the wedding party (bridesmaid and best man), we had nothing to do and no responsibilities, so we spent the time trashing the couple's car and just catching up with other friends who showed up. And I sipped way more than my fair share of punch, I'm sure. After they drove off to newlywed bliss, a bunch of us drove to Jack-in-the-Box for a late-night snack. I've never been there before, but it was good! I am still relishing my raspberry smoothie. Then they headed home and we headed back to a good night's sleep in our suite. The next morning we hit up the continental breakfast and headed home for church. We thought we were on time until we realized Utah is an hour ahead of Nevada. Oops. Needless to say, we didn't quite make it. 

We had a normal day on Monday, working and such. Then Tuesday we drove up north for the Dave Matthews concert. Great concert! It was a little long for my taste, but there were some hardcore fans there who still wanted more after it was over. The fans were my second-favorite part...drunk people provide awesome entertainment. The only awkward part of that being when the entertainment comes too close. One guy had to use Chris to prop himself up for a bit. At least after falling onto him, the guy had the decency to apologize. After it ended it took us an hour just to make it out of the parking lot....guiltily, I admit I slept while Chris drove. And the next day, after some amazing all-you-can-eat soup and salad from Olive Garden and some family visiting, we drove home. I never realize how much I miss our super-amazingly-comfy bed until I'm back in it! 

Yesterday and today are once again, normal days, but on Saturday we are throwing a yard sale in the morning, and heading south to St. George again in the afternoon. We are meeting up with Chris's family for a cousin's homecoming (or it might be a farewell...I am currently suffering from getting up early). Either way, it will be a busy end to a busy week. A sort of "last hurrah" I suppose. 

Dang it. School is starting. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its FINISHED....Almost.

Yesterday Chris stained and then attached the doors to the entertainment center! He built the entire thing by himself, because the one we had before didn't fit the interesting proportions in our living room. So this one was custom-fit. Ooo-la-la! There was a bit of trouble with the hinges...thankfully Chris has a sander-tool-thing (I'm so technical) so he was able to make them fit. 

What a man! 

All that's left now is to build the shelves on the inside of the doors. We wanted optimum DVD storage because we are all-time movie fanatics. We actually just received a new DVD from Amazon yesterday-- Elizabeth: The Golden Age. LOVE it. History + Coolness--you get two in one! 

So apparently I can't fill my own shoes...I need some help. I received too-big shoes that I am supposed to wear to a wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, my size is unavailable, so re-ordering is not an option. The heels are a size 7.....and I wear a 6 1/2. I'd like to find some sort of permanent option to make them fit, because they're brand-new and getting rid of them seems a other thought was to make them fit just for the wedding, protect the soles, and then try and return them. Sneaky. 

The cats have updug my plant again. I know thats not a word, updug. It just sounds cool. So yes, they updug my plant. I don't know how to make them realize they are NOT allowed on the counter! We spray them with water every time we catch them, but so far it doesn't seem to have a lasting effect. I've heard spraying vinegar will help to teach pets...hmmm. And speaking of animals (this sort of bridges), my hummingbird feeder is a success! I put it near the window over the sink, so that we have a good view. And they've started coming consistently! They're so gotta wonder how they can be so mean to each other. Have you ever seen a hummingbird fight? 

But back to the cats. Skimble, the younger one, seems to have a thing for grocery bags. He just can't leave them alone! And yesterday, we procured this epic footage...

(Sorry, I can't figure out how to upload a video so that it works.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I Would Like to Try...

I've been surfing the web a little, trying to find DIY home projects that aren't too expensive. As 2-month newlyweds, our apartment is still a little bare. The trick is to dress it up with things that won't be permanent fixtures, since as renters we are not allowed to paint or inflict hardcore damage to the walls. :) Here's a project I thought would be fun--- Alphabet pillows! You can find info at . I thought a nice big "D" for our last name would be cute...we don't have a sewing machine so a hand-stitched pillow would work nicely! But higher up on my list of decor to acquire is wall decor. Our walls could use some color (and in some spots...some covering up!). So I'm searching for things to do along those lines. I have a vague idea in my head of using fabric either inside frames or around them...if you have anything to suggest let me know!

Lately here we have been getting a LOT of rain! Me and Chris had some fun driving around and speeding through big puddles to throw up a splash. And from what it sounds like, we'll be getting more rain throughout the rest of the week. I actually don't mind, its a very nice break from the mascara-melting heat we've been having. And the lightning that comes along with some of the storms is amazing!

Yesterday Chris came to visit me at work with a surprise...tarts! Oh my WORD. So tasty! They sell them at the greenshows every night at 7pm. So far my favorite was the raspberry. Since the Shakespeare Festival has been going on, they have a bunch of things happening around town.We've been to several arts and crafts fairs--at one of them we bought my brother a birthday gift, the "hippie bag" he's been wanting for months. Don't ask me--his style makes no sense to me at all! We've seen some pretty cool things, there were some beautiful endtables that were made out of red cedar, quilts, jewelry, paintings, and these little figures below--aren't they just awesome??

Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Here We Go...

Technically it's only been 2 months since we were married (our anniversary was Thursday--my mom and grandma both remembered before I did....go figure!) but it feels like much longer! Not that time is passing slowly, it's just that it feels as if we were always meant to be together, and we always have been. :) 

Our wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and everything I'd envisioned it to be! All of the bright colors came together so nicely...the bright yellow lilies popped against the purple and teal I'd chosen for my colors. Yellow lilies remind me of Chris! He used to bring me them when we were dating. 

I wanted the occasion to be simple and yet vibrant at the same time. Luckily, The Grand Ballroom was the perfect setting for that! It didn't need much decorating to look elegant. I let the lilies serve as the main decorations--they're so beautiful all by themselves! 

Our luncheon was amazing....we invited the wedding party and all of our family! Chris's stepdad created an amazing video, and we had speeches by our parents (all 6 of them!) and the bridesmaids/groomsmen. We danced our first dance to a German song, a unique touch that very much reflected Chris's personality. Our cake was lemon with raspberry (YUMMY), and for lunch we served salad, chicken alfredo, steamed broccoli, rolls (from the Lion House! We nabbed their caterer; he happens to be a friend of Chris's familia), and parfaits for dessert! 

The reception wasn't quite as fun....just standing and receiving congratulations. You've all been there! But all in all it was a wonderful occasion, and I was grateful to be surrounded by such loving family on all sides. 

Anyway...enough about the wedding! I'll try and contain myself. Life afterwards has been just as great! We've got a beautiful basement apartment, lots of room, a green fridge....can it get any better? Yes it CAN. We also have two cats, Fiyero and Skimble, who we couldn't live without. Seriously. You just gotta love them. 

This summer has been busy...we went on our honeymoon to California, where we went to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and beaches! GREAT week. We got to just enjoy ourselves in the sun and relax! Then there's been oodles of family reunions, and just plain old family. We have been visiting up north almost every single weekend! These last couple weekends have been just the opposite though--we finally got people up north to come visit us! For the 24th we had some friends come and we went out to Quail Lake and spent the day. The water was 
actually WARM! Sooo nice. And this weekend, my mother came to visit. We got her to shoot a paintball gun, and had a picnic in Canyon Park--one of my favorite places.

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