Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Summer Scrap Scarf

Okay, so up until this point I have not categorized scarves as to-be-worn-in-the-summer. 

But I ran into this post over at Putting Me Together. {so cute, btw.}

And after bemoaning my lack of wardrobe skills and shedding a few tears over her adorable outfits {which i cannot seem to ever accomplish}, I decided to give summer scarves a try. 

{i mean, come ON. she looks fantastic.}

At first I fixated on this beauty from Downeast:

And then this one:

And then I decided I was too poor for either of them, and made my own.

{yes, just like that.}

It's easy. I'll show you.

You'll need:
1. A few contrasting fabrics and a sewing machine. 
 I used 3 different fabrics: one was an old man's shirt, one an old woman's shirt {old shirts, not shirts from old people} {in case that was unclear}, and the third was leftover fabric from a pillow cover. 

The beauty of it is, you can use anything you have!

I cut up my fabrics into various-sized rectangles, then sewed them all together. I used what is called a flat-felled seam {or so the internet told me} to attach the pieces. It's where the two fabric edges are wrapped around each other so that each raw edge is encased in a fold of the other. I discovered it one day as I was unpicking an old skirt. It's really useful. Hopefully this picture helps. 

It does require the use of an iron. If you need more detailed instructions on how to create this seam, google it. I'm not that technical.

Once I had connected all my pieces, I ironed the long sides under twice to hide the raw edges and hemmed.

It's not perfect, by any means, but who cares?!
No one can even tell. 

And it's so pretty.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Treasures

You know what I've discovered about myself so far this summer?

I really like polka dots.

And I really like braids.{despite my extreme lack of braiding skills.}

And I think that {most of the time}Blake Lively has a pretty sweet style.

Also, that I consume ridiculous amounts of sugar when left alone at night. 

And that I have a serious addiction to loud music when there's no one else in the house.

And that, when my husband is gone, I have no desire to ever brush my teeth. Ever.


Monday, July 9, 2012


I am a little bit of a gratitude junkie.

I love sayings that deal with being grateful, I love gratitude decor, and I genuinely try to appreciate all the little things instead of overlooking them.

For some reason an attitude of gratitude has always been important to me.

And right now, I am suuuuuuuper {super super} grateful.

Once upon a time, we were trying to move. But Chris wasn't having any luck with a job. 

So we waited, and waited, and spent a lot of time on our knees.

And then suddenly, in the matter of a single day, Chris found, applied for, and was offered a full-time position.

Now, I received a wonderful transfer opportunity for my job, which amazingly {again} happened all in the course of a single day. I get to keep my current position, they will hold the spot for me, and I won't have to re-train for a different type of store, because it's the same as the one I'm currently working in.

And we decided we would take a leap of faith and move at the end of the month, despite not having a place to move to.

But really, I'm not that worried. Because at the rate things have been falling into place for us, I know a good apartment in the right area is just around the corner. 

The Lord's timing may be hard to wait for sometimes, but when the time is right the blessings will come pouring down. 

And right now, my faith in His timing is stronger than ever.

I can't wait to see what He brings us next. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Comfy Fourth of July Tee

Yesterday, I got the urge to suddenly do something crafty for the 4th. Which is kind of weird, because usually it's not a big holiday in my book. I don't decorate....I don't wear patriotic clothing....and I don't take the time to dye my food red and blue.

Except this year I am doing all that. {well, except decorating. small steps here.}

We are having a BBQ with a bunch of friends tonight, for which I am actually  making red and blue star-shaped jello. 

Yes, I'm making jello. It's a Utah classic, people.

But all that aside, here is the shirt I made:

Like I previously stated, I'm not usually super-patriotic. {sorry america.} So when I made this shirt, I tried to make something that would work both for the 4th and for any other day of the year. 

I started with a basic white men's v-neck tee.

I took it in, gave it a rounded hem, and shortened the sleeves. Then I cut out alternating strips of blue patterned fabric, and sewed them onto the shirt. I left the edges raw, because I liked the frayed look. Total of five stripes in all.

That's pretty much it.

I'm wearing it with a red necklace. 

Yeah, that's about as red-white-and-blue as I can get.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Something big is coming.

We are moving.

To the Salt Lake area.

After months and months of searching and praying, Chris found the perfect job. He'll be working in a troubled youth home. Decent starting wage, great benefits, close to family.

We are so {flippin'} excited.

I have been in Cedar for six years now. Six years. That's a long time to get to know a place. 

And in about a month {and after we actually find a new place to live}, I'll be leaving it.

How weird is THAT??! 

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