Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bright & Sunshiney

Happy Anniversary to us! 

Our official anniversary is on May 29th, but because it fell in the middle of the week this year, we decided to celebrate the weekend before by taking a much-needed vacation to California. And it was fantastic!

We started off with the San Diego Safari Park.. 

They have this awesome train that takes you around a 100-acre preserve full of animals! Besides that, you can walk around the rest of the park and see a ton of other exhibits. 

My feet were incredibly tired after that day.

That was about as adventurous as we got. The next few days we planned to do nothing but beach.

Corona del Mar is gorgeous.

That was our first beach. After chilling there all day, that night we headed over to a cousin's wedding.

Sorry, we we were too busy dancing to take any pictures. {true story.}

The next day, we decided to try Laguna Beach. We spent the first half of the day walking around the hundreds of little shops that surround the beach, eating eclairs and cream horns from a sweet little bakery.

And then it was just beach and more beach.

With the occasional pause....... enjoy the water.

And then we found this awesome lookout point and wanted to get a picture. But since the only people to ask were a homeless man and a hippie doing a drug deal, we decided to improvise.

Not bad. 

All in all, we got sunburned, ate too much food, drank too much ginger ale, got to play with my aunt's two crazy dogs, and had a great vacation.


Three years, and we're still pretty much in love {pretty much}. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Journalings of a Primary Teacher {5-12-13}

This Sunday was not the best of Sundays. Whenever holidays come around, all the kids seem to get antsy and twitchy and chattery and reeeeeeally hard to calm down. My only comfort is in seeing all the other classes acting just as bad as mine when we sit down in primary {sorry've got it tough}.

My partner was out sick, so I snatched Chris to come sit in on my class. And man am I glad I had a second person there, because they were all. over. the. place.

If there is one thing I have learned from teaching Primary so far, its that you really can't base your teaching skills or self-esteem off of how your class is acting some weeks. Because honestly, they are going to be naughty. They are going to throw paper airplanes at each other. They are going to look at you with that know-it-all face and tell you exactly why they don't have to do something. They will tell you you're a bad teacher. They will threaten to tattle on your bad teaching skills to their mothers. They will loudly whine in sharing time because you didn't let them color.  

They will be kids. 

And sometimes I frantically bust out of church like I haven't breathed fresh air in years. Sometimes I just have to let out a big ole' sigh because I'm pretty sure they didn't absorb an iota of the lesson I just taught. But that's primary. That's learning to be a teacher. And the funny moments always overshadow the bad ones.

Like during a discussion on the bishop's storehouse when one boy pipes up and says, "I bet I could do some calculations to figure out the amounts!" 
And the girl next to him sassily says, "You're not old enough to calculate!"

Or when the sharing time leader asks if anyone has a mom who follows the commandments, and one boy stands up and anxiously says, "My mom is obedient! But she didn't want to raise her hand so I had to tell you." His mother, also his teacher, turned bright red.

Like the times when you tell one girl who has the hiccups to hold her breath to get rid of them, and it turns into a traffic jam in the hallway because all the other girls stop and want to hold their breath too.
{who knew it was so much fun?}

Or when you ask them to explain what 'enduring to the end' means, and one girl compares it to having to re-build her lego castle multiple times. "I just kept having to re-do it because it would break, but I never gave up! And that's like enduring to the end."

I'm learning to be {extraordinarily} patient. I'm learning to say no and not worry about how upset a child may be because they will promptly get over it in the next 5 minutes. I'm learning how to find the humor in everything. And I'm learning how to tie lego castles into teaching the gospel.

And I love it. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Journalings of a Primary Teacher {5-5-13}

I know that my primary posts can seem sort of random at times, but honestly, they're mostly for me. I want to remember how funny and cute and sweet all my kids are, and how much I adore them!

As we were sitting in class, chatting with the kids who were there and waiting for the others to show up, one boy, out of the blue, shouts, "SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING!!!" 

My partner, while I was trying to stifle my laughter, teasingly asked, "Was it me? I say a lot of things." 

Sadly, we never figured out who it was that said something {bahaha!}. 
He wouldn't specify.

Our lesson was on the gold plates, and my partner was teaching. After explaining that Moroni hid them in the ground to keep them safe, she let the kids make their own 'gold plates' by using a popsicle stick to write on tin foil-wrapped cardboard. Then, we went outside to hide them, just like Moroni did.

You kinda had to see it for yourself, but just try and imagine the excitement....

One boy immediately runs over to a flower bed and starts digging a gigantic hole. Dirt flying everywhere. Another boy is repeatedly chucking his 'plates' at a tree, trying to get them to stick in the branches. One of the girls is trying to drag me along by the hand while begging to let her hide my plates too because she knows the best place. The other girl quickly runs off to hide hers, but upon returning, comes up to me with a panicked look and says, "I can't remember where I hid mine!" 

It was one seriously funny scene.

For the second hour I actually got to sit in on my husband's class. He introduced me as his wife, Sister Diepeveen. One girl quickly raises her hand and begins chattering on about how much she loves me. "I think Sister Diepeveen is the best! I am so glad she's here; I like her more than you!"

My husband, meaning to tease her about sucking up, replied, "I think you've got a little brown on your nose!"

Confused, she started rubbing her nose. "Really?"

A friend of hers quickly came to the rescue, standing up and putting her hands on her hips while loudly scolding us: "That's because she has freckles!!!"

Awww, primary love.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Easy & Adorable DIY Fabric Flowers

A couple weeks ago, I helped put together a baby shower for my sister-in-law. I picked the invitations and decorations, because she was having a little girl. And who doesn't want to decorate for a little girl??

These are the invitations I created:

I was pretty proud. I think they turned out so cute!

For decorations, I needed something simple, but still adorable. After searching pinterest for a couple hours a little bit, I found a really easy fabric flower garland

Here are the instructions:

First, gather up all your extra scraps of fabric, your scissors, and your hot glue gun.

Then, grab something to use as the base for your flowers. I used a combo of some old interfacing and some blue felt. Trace a small circle {smaller than you want your flower} and cut it out.

Be smart like I wasn't, and layer up your fabric from the very beginning to cut out several at once.

Then, layer up your flower fabric and cut out a slightly larger circle.

Take one circle and fold it in half, then in half again.

Do this to four circles, then glue them to your base circle like so:

Fold two more circles into quarters. You need a total of six folded circles to make each flower.

Glue the last two circles right in the very center of your flower.

If you want, you can clip the tips before you glue so they sit a little flatter.

Repeat this process six million times. I recommend having a good tv show {or several} to watch.

I ended up making two different sizes of flowers, along with a fabric-scrap letter. You can find instructions on how to make one yourself here.

If you are making a garland with your flowers, simply hot glue them to a piece of twine or string. I used twine, and used big lace bows to string it up. I can't believe I forgot to get a picture, but there you go. 

Here are a couple pictures of the table:

I thought the flowers were a cute little touch. And, if the other little children at the shower don't try to eat them, you can re-use them. {maybe some DIY hair clips or headbands!}

I would love to try my hand at making some different styles of fabric flowers, maybe to use as home decor. Or maybe just for fun because they are so pretty.

Just look how gorgeous!

{you can find all these on my pinterest account.}

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