Monday, February 27, 2012

45 Minutes Down the Yellow Brick Road

There is this place that I love.

It takes 45 minutes to get there, but once you've been there, you'll keep coming back for more. 

Emerald City Smoothies.

Never was there a better place to get your smoothie on.

And since it's in St. George, that means an added bonus of warmer weather. It's like an uber-compressed mini-vacation.

We spent the whole day just relaxing. {literally.....we just sat in the sun and sipped our smoothies 'til they were gone and then we took a nap. oh, and then we bought a fish.}

Maybe it doesn't sound quite exciting enough for your liking, but daaaaaang I loved it. We've just been so busy what with work and school and meetings about grad school {hey! mini-announcement: chris has officially decided he wants to get his doctorate.} that we just haven't been doing much. Thank goodness we both had a free coinciding weekend.

Usually Chris gets the PB&J {oh my GOSH you must try it} and I end up endlessly mooching off his no matter what I get. So this time, I got myself the PB&J. Mmmmmm. 

If only I had a pair of red shoes to get me there faster.

{for more pictures, go here.}

Friday, February 24, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Um, if your weather is anything like the weather here in Utah, then it's cold.

And I'm willing to be you're ready for warm.

{can i get a HUZZZAH??}

And when I tried THIS on today...

....the lack of warmth outside almost killed me. 

I oh-so-completely  and desperately  don't need  really need this swimsuit.

It looks awesome on.

Anyone feeling generous? I could use fifty bucks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Things You Never Knew

Five things you never knew about me.

Seems self-centered, maybe? Welllll....maybe I just know you have a desperate need to know more about my life. {or maybe i need to remind myself there are actually interesting things about me.} 

1. I am a poetry fanatic. 

{and i'm going to throw Willa Cather in there....her writing is pretty much poetry.}

Imagery is my favorite. 
If you couldn't tell.

2. I love apples, hate apple juice. Love grapes, hate grape juice. Hate orange juice. 

I'm a complicated woman.

3. I am absolutely terrified of ladders.

Why be afraid of heights when you can be afraid of what takes you to heights?

4. I was accepted into every university in the state, but chose SUU because it had the prettiest campus. 

{not counting UofU, to which i didn't apply.}

I promise I'm not shallow.

5. When I was little, I secretly wanted to grow up to become the Little Mermaid.

Leave me a comment with your own 5 interesting things!

Who knew we were so fascinating?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 Things I Hate About You

Let's all take a moment for Heath Ledger.

Okay, now don't take these personally. {unless you are guilty of which case stop immediately.}

On a snowy day, with nothing else to do {except avoid cooking dinner}, I present to you...

10 pet peeves.
The compilation of a brief discussion between me and C. 

  1. Tailgaters who won't move over to pass you in the wide open lane to your left. Even when you slow down to a crawling 45mph on the freeway in the hopes of shaking them. Just. Move. Over.

2. Loud singers. Not everyone can be as obnoxiously loud energetic as you are. Thank goodness that woman was only visiting today.

3. People who text you, "Hey what are you doing?" and then mysteriously drop off the face of the earth when you respond. {maybe i'm being a little obsessive here...but WHAT??? WHAT DID YOU WANT???}

4. Facebookers who post their relationship problems as their status. And you wonder why you're having problems.

5. People who discount your opinion simply because they are older than you are. Librarians are particularly guilty of this. {i would know....i worked in a library once.}

6. Drivers who signal after the lane change. Now I'm going to hit you out of revenge.

7. When the dryer doesn't dry your clothes all the way. It's a dryer, not a dampener. Curse words.

8. The fact that I have spent the last half an hour trying to come up with 10 pet peeves and have burned out at 8. 

That's either a good thing, or my memory is going.

What are your pet peeves? I know you have them. 
{and please do not say people who blog about pet peeves. cruel.}

I've just had a lovely nap that left me with major bedhead and now I'm off to make cookies instead of real food.

I feel like Farrah Fawcett. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

All You Need is Love {and Chocolate}

Dum da, da da dum.
{there's a tune there.}

Did you all have a stupendous Valentine's Day??! 

I hope so. 

I love that there is pretty much an ENTIRE month dedicated to love.

{don't be whiny all you singles...just because you're not in a relationship doesn't mean you can't spread the love!}

February always reminds me how thankful I am to have such a super-duper husband.

So super, in fact, that once upon a Valentine's Day I actually {fake} proposed to him. 

I'd just bought the ring. Figured I might as well do something cheesy deeply romantic with it.

Yes, it was even at the temple where we were to be married. Awwwww. 

This year the Christopher got flowers at work from a secret admirer...
{who on earth...? ;) } 

...and a trio of gifts that all came under the heading, "I'm such a sucker for you!"

Caramel green apple suckers, the soundtrack to Suckerpunch, and some brown socks which didn't tie in all that well.

But I sure do love me some cheesiness, and I will NEVER get sick of it. 
{Nor will I ever stop thinking my clever ideas are hilarious.}

Then we ate some tacos and 'tots {don't mock--it's my new favorite dinner}, and laughed our way through This is War with a big bag of popcorn and bottles of apple beer. 

But what all this really reminds me of is how much I love knowing that our marriage is eternal.

That means we will be this awesome for-evah.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Itty-Bitty Side Project

Honestly, this project was so small I'm not even sure it's worth writing an entire post on. 


{Yet here I am....doing it anyway.}

Do you remember the amazingly cool frame my husband helped me put together? 

I gave it just a teensy bit of pizazz. 

And here is just how teensy that pizaazz was:

I painted the clothespins. 

Yup, that's it. 

Not super-involved....I painted all of them a nice shade of gray {love that color}, and then glued different patterned paper onto the fronts. 

There you go. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go

Last friday night....

we got to go to a Sweetheart's Dance.
{and we danced on tabletops.....kidding...can anyone name that song though?!}

I got so girls know how it's an occasion to get PRETTY.

And big's totally my new favorite thing.

We forewent learning the chacha at seven in favor of tacos and arrived fashionably late just after eight o'clock. 

I'm not awkward....I'm excited. Awkwardly.

My my, aren't we sexy?

{and we know it.}

After we'd pigged out on tacos and tater tots {could there be a more perfect union???}, we sauntered on inside to find platters of fresh strawberries and pineapple. Of course, we had to eat some. And then we definitely had to sit down and digest all that food for a good while. Blech. 

Then we danced our little lovely hearts out. 

We even got complimented on our swing! 

{although really....we just move fast, we don't actually do that much.}

A well-spent night, don't you think?

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