Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 Things I Hate About You

Let's all take a moment for Heath Ledger.

Okay, now don't take these personally. {unless you are guilty of which case stop immediately.}

On a snowy day, with nothing else to do {except avoid cooking dinner}, I present to you...

10 pet peeves.
The compilation of a brief discussion between me and C. 

  1. Tailgaters who won't move over to pass you in the wide open lane to your left. Even when you slow down to a crawling 45mph on the freeway in the hopes of shaking them. Just. Move. Over.

2. Loud singers. Not everyone can be as obnoxiously loud energetic as you are. Thank goodness that woman was only visiting today.

3. People who text you, "Hey what are you doing?" and then mysteriously drop off the face of the earth when you respond. {maybe i'm being a little obsessive here...but WHAT??? WHAT DID YOU WANT???}

4. Facebookers who post their relationship problems as their status. And you wonder why you're having problems.

5. People who discount your opinion simply because they are older than you are. Librarians are particularly guilty of this. {i would know....i worked in a library once.}

6. Drivers who signal after the lane change. Now I'm going to hit you out of revenge.

7. When the dryer doesn't dry your clothes all the way. It's a dryer, not a dampener. Curse words.

8. The fact that I have spent the last half an hour trying to come up with 10 pet peeves and have burned out at 8. 

That's either a good thing, or my memory is going.

What are your pet peeves? I know you have them. 
{and please do not say people who blog about pet peeves. cruel.}

I've just had a lovely nap that left me with major bedhead and now I'm off to make cookies instead of real food.

I feel like Farrah Fawcett. 

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  1. hahaha cute list.. i agree with you on all of it. i just came across your blog & am following now :)


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