Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Things You Never Knew

Five things you never knew about me.

Seems self-centered, maybe? Welllll....maybe I just know you have a desperate need to know more about my life. {or maybe i need to remind myself there are actually interesting things about me.} 

1. I am a poetry fanatic. 

{and i'm going to throw Willa Cather in there....her writing is pretty much poetry.}

Imagery is my favorite. 
If you couldn't tell.

2. I love apples, hate apple juice. Love grapes, hate grape juice. Hate oranges....love orange juice. 

I'm a complicated woman.

3. I am absolutely terrified of ladders.

Why be afraid of heights when you can be afraid of what takes you to heights?

4. I was accepted into every university in the state, but chose SUU because it had the prettiest campus. 

{not counting UofU, to which i didn't apply.}

I promise I'm not shallow.

5. When I was little, I secretly wanted to grow up to become the Little Mermaid.

Leave me a comment with your own 5 interesting things!

Who knew we were so fascinating?


  1. Five interesting things about me:

    1.) When in 4th grade I was a brute and had literally my own gang who rules the kindergarten playground... And I thought I was the coolest.

    2.) I still sleep with a teddy bear sometimes, always have one on my bed.

    3.) I get more excited about a good book or movie with a great plot than I do about anything else in this world.

    4.) I hate chocolate but love, rolo's, snickers, butterfinger, and Recess... Just not the chocolate part of them.

    5.) I am an adrenaline junky, I will do anything, it sometimes just takes me a little time to get the nerve to do it. I am terrified of almost anything but will take leap of conquering that fear. I even do a crazy dance in circles and make odd noises to work up my courage. (:

  2. oh gosh, that last one had me cracking up! love it!!!
    and who didn't want to sing and swim under the sea? ;)
    xo TJ


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