Monday, February 27, 2012

45 Minutes Down the Yellow Brick Road

There is this place that I love.

It takes 45 minutes to get there, but once you've been there, you'll keep coming back for more. 

Emerald City Smoothies.

Never was there a better place to get your smoothie on.

And since it's in St. George, that means an added bonus of warmer weather. It's like an uber-compressed mini-vacation.

We spent the whole day just relaxing. {literally.....we just sat in the sun and sipped our smoothies 'til they were gone and then we took a nap. oh, and then we bought a fish.}

Maybe it doesn't sound quite exciting enough for your liking, but daaaaaang I loved it. We've just been so busy what with work and school and meetings about grad school {hey! mini-announcement: chris has officially decided he wants to get his doctorate.} that we just haven't been doing much. Thank goodness we both had a free coinciding weekend.

Usually Chris gets the PB&J {oh my GOSH you must try it} and I end up endlessly mooching off his no matter what I get. So this time, I got myself the PB&J. Mmmmmm. 

If only I had a pair of red shoes to get me there faster.

{for more pictures, go here.}


  1. You live in Cedar! We just moved here... Not the easiest adjustment for me :) I'm from St George though and we LOVE Emerald City smoothies! My hubs favorite is the pp&j. I think we're going to have to head down this weekend and get some :)

    1. No way! Cedar is such a small town....what are the odds?? You'll get to love it, promise! It has it's redeeming qualities. :) We've been here almost five years now {like, forever.}

  2. oh gosh, emerald city smoothie?? you are making me WAY too hungry. yum!
    xo TJ


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