Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Summer Scrap Scarf

Okay, so up until this point I have not categorized scarves as to-be-worn-in-the-summer. 

But I ran into this post over at Putting Me Together. {so cute, btw.}

And after bemoaning my lack of wardrobe skills and shedding a few tears over her adorable outfits {which i cannot seem to ever accomplish}, I decided to give summer scarves a try. 

{i mean, come ON. she looks fantastic.}

At first I fixated on this beauty from Downeast:

And then this one:

And then I decided I was too poor for either of them, and made my own.

{yes, just like that.}

It's easy. I'll show you.

You'll need:
1. A few contrasting fabrics and a sewing machine. 
 I used 3 different fabrics: one was an old man's shirt, one an old woman's shirt {old shirts, not shirts from old people} {in case that was unclear}, and the third was leftover fabric from a pillow cover. 

The beauty of it is, you can use anything you have!

I cut up my fabrics into various-sized rectangles, then sewed them all together. I used what is called a flat-felled seam {or so the internet told me} to attach the pieces. It's where the two fabric edges are wrapped around each other so that each raw edge is encased in a fold of the other. I discovered it one day as I was unpicking an old skirt. It's really useful. Hopefully this picture helps. 

It does require the use of an iron. If you need more detailed instructions on how to create this seam, google it. I'm not that technical.

Once I had connected all my pieces, I ironed the long sides under twice to hide the raw edges and hemmed.

It's not perfect, by any means, but who cares?!
No one can even tell. 

And it's so pretty.


  1. Yay! Pretty scarf! It's so much fun :)

  2. Shea, I've been meaning to give you a shout out for a long time and I feel horrible for not doing it yet, so here it is. You are such a wonderful person and I love reading your blog! It feels like just yesterday we were partying it up in Cedar my first year at SUU. Thank you for always being such an amazing example to me. You and Chris are such awesome people and I'me so grateful to know you two. You are the sweetest, so stay that way ;)


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