Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photography Class and Arizona English

Now, I don't claim to be great at picture-taking, or even good, but I've been trying awfully hard to be at least likeable. :) These are a few of my favorites... 

I've actually been really enjoying experimenting. I'm getting pretty pro at using my little digital point-and-shoot. Nothing high-tech for me! 

I'm getting excited for Halloween with all the leaves changing, as I'm sure you all are! I haven't done much yet by way of decorating, sadly. I threw a garland of leaves across the piano and spread 'creepy cloth' over the endtables. I just need to go search out some good deals! Or make it myself...hmmm...more to come on that idea. 

My brother leaves TOMORROW for a mission in Tempe Arizona. His farewell talk was a couple of weeks ago...My favorite part was as he was telling the congregation where he was going and what language he was speaking (and I paraphrase): "So when I opened my call, I saw that I was going to Tempe, Arizona, English-speaking. And I thought, 'Crap! English is one of the hardest languages to learn!'" Haha!  I love my brother's sense of humor. I wish him all the luck in the WORLD!

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