Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Here We Go...

Technically it's only been 2 months since we were married (our anniversary was Thursday--my mom and grandma both remembered before I did....go figure!) but it feels like much longer! Not that time is passing slowly, it's just that it feels as if we were always meant to be together, and we always have been. :) 

Our wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and everything I'd envisioned it to be! All of the bright colors came together so nicely...the bright yellow lilies popped against the purple and teal I'd chosen for my colors. Yellow lilies remind me of Chris! He used to bring me them when we were dating. 

I wanted the occasion to be simple and yet vibrant at the same time. Luckily, The Grand Ballroom was the perfect setting for that! It didn't need much decorating to look elegant. I let the lilies serve as the main decorations--they're so beautiful all by themselves! 

Our luncheon was amazing....we invited the wedding party and all of our family! Chris's stepdad created an amazing video, and we had speeches by our parents (all 6 of them!) and the bridesmaids/groomsmen. We danced our first dance to a German song, a unique touch that very much reflected Chris's personality. Our cake was lemon with raspberry (YUMMY), and for lunch we served salad, chicken alfredo, steamed broccoli, rolls (from the Lion House! We nabbed their caterer; he happens to be a friend of Chris's familia), and parfaits for dessert! 

The reception wasn't quite as fun....just standing and receiving congratulations. You've all been there! But all in all it was a wonderful occasion, and I was grateful to be surrounded by such loving family on all sides. 

Anyway...enough about the wedding! I'll try and contain myself. Life afterwards has been just as great! We've got a beautiful basement apartment, lots of room, a green fridge....can it get any better? Yes it CAN. We also have two cats, Fiyero and Skimble, who we couldn't live without. Seriously. You just gotta love them. 

This summer has been busy...we went on our honeymoon to California, where we went to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and beaches! GREAT week. We got to just enjoy ourselves in the sun and relax! Then there's been oodles of family reunions, and just plain old family. We have been visiting up north almost every single weekend! These last couple weekends have been just the opposite though--we finally got people up north to come visit us! For the 24th we had some friends come and we went out to Quail Lake and spent the day. The water was 
actually WARM! Sooo nice. And this weekend, my mother came to visit. We got her to shoot a paintball gun, and had a picnic in Canyon Park--one of my favorite places.

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