Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did You Know That....

Chris & I had our 6-month anniversary last month?? I can hardly believe its already been half a year...and that we're still happily married after SUCH a long time. ;P My mom is super-awesome at remembering our month-to-month anniversaries and for this one, she bought us some champagne glasses and sparkling cider...mmmmm. 

I graduated from college! After four (and a half) years, I have completed my Bachelor of Arts degree! Chris took me to Ninja to celebrate with sushi. Try the Las Vegas roll, its a good one!

I am Dutch! Haha okay so only really by marriage, but I realized this month that its a legacy I know practically nothing about, but its something I would like my kids to know about. According to tradition, on December 6th you leave your shoes out with your Christmas list, and St. Nicholas takes the list and fills the shoes with candy. Although we forgot to leave our shoes out, St. Nicholas did manage to send us some Dutch goodies by way of Chris's dad. ;) I think we will definitely keep this tradition in our family...after all, it means more Dutch chocolate for me (and, I suppose, Chris) (and also eventually kids)! 

                                                                    ........Now You Know!

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  1. Yay yay yay! Congratulations on the graduation! Maybe one day I'll see that day too :D Happy 6 months!


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