Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New razor!
Chris got ?? Sigh.
Christmas is always such a wonderful time of year, and this year we got to spend the holidays with our three lovely families! Christmas Eve we attended the Diepeveen annual party, where we played games and stuffed our faces. Christmas Day we split between the Robbins and the Goodwins, ending the day with a 3D viewing of Gulliver's Travels (pretty good, btw).
Grenade headphones! He's....excited?
But he also got me boots!
We definitely had some fun opening all our presents--not to mention watching everyone else open our gifts to them! We felt like we did pretty good: we got my parents a digital camera, his mom and Bart got handmade ceramics from Chris and magnets with our faces on them from me, and his dad and Rikki got a Dutch porcelain nativity set.

The cats also enjoyed themselves!
Fiyero figured out how to be King. Once Skimble climbed under the box...Fiyero sat on it! Poor Skimble was trapped under there for a while. Chris and I were laughing too hard to push Fiyero off.

 For our Christmas dinner, we ate prime rib! Yummo. And Chris was officially nominated by my mom to cook it (she admitted to being slightly scared of the giant-ness of the meat). He was a pro cook!

After it snowed on Sunday we decided to do something we hadn't done in a while--go play in it! We started off making a snowman, but my brother and Chris decided that having a snowball fight would be better. So we turned our snowman balls into forts. At least, Chris did. He managed to build a fort as tall as he was and 3 times as wide in the time it took me and Jace to build a waist-high mini wall. As Jace put it: We were screwed. Had anyone kept score, I'm sure we would have lost miserably! But we had a grand time doing it.

After that, we decided to bury Jace. Such fun.

To sum up our holidays: we played, we slept, and we ate WAY too much!

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