Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Longer a Mod-Podge Virgin.

Yes, its true. I actually completed a project! And I have a very bad photo to prove it:

I'm very proud.

With my DH's help, I modpodged this poster to a thin board we bought at Home Depot. Then, we modpodged over the top, spray-painted the black border, and clear-coated over everything. I feel just like a mother who birthed her first child. 

We also completed another project, of which, sadly, I have no pictures. You'll just have to take my word that it's awesome. Its a cat tree--and the cats love it! Also, it sits over the top of the litter box, so you'd never know its there! Its much prettier to look at and it covers the smell. 

By way of other news, we've killed off two more of our fish. They were eating the other fish---what goes around comes around, wouldn't you say? Serves them right. 

We've been surviving school rather well. Of course we're busy, with jobs and school, but we still try to go out and have some fun. Can you guess what this is?

Its the embers from a bonfire we had. Pretty cool, eh? And yesterday for our date night we went out for sushi--sushi is a once-in-a-while commodity that is necessary to our survival. I don't know what I'd do without it! Nor do I know what I would do without my sweet husband to support me. I came home to this one day:

We are not addicts. I promise. 

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