Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its FINISHED....Almost.

Yesterday Chris stained and then attached the doors to the entertainment center! He built the entire thing by himself, because the one we had before didn't fit the interesting proportions in our living room. So this one was custom-fit. Ooo-la-la! There was a bit of trouble with the hinges...thankfully Chris has a sander-tool-thing (I'm so technical) so he was able to make them fit. 

What a man! 

All that's left now is to build the shelves on the inside of the doors. We wanted optimum DVD storage because we are all-time movie fanatics. We actually just received a new DVD from Amazon yesterday-- Elizabeth: The Golden Age. LOVE it. History + Coolness--you get two in one! 

So apparently I can't fill my own shoes...I need some help. I received too-big shoes that I am supposed to wear to a wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, my size is unavailable, so re-ordering is not an option. The heels are a size 7.....and I wear a 6 1/2. I'd like to find some sort of permanent option to make them fit, because they're brand-new and getting rid of them seems a other thought was to make them fit just for the wedding, protect the soles, and then try and return them. Sneaky. 

The cats have updug my plant again. I know thats not a word, updug. It just sounds cool. So yes, they updug my plant. I don't know how to make them realize they are NOT allowed on the counter! We spray them with water every time we catch them, but so far it doesn't seem to have a lasting effect. I've heard spraying vinegar will help to teach pets...hmmm. And speaking of animals (this sort of bridges), my hummingbird feeder is a success! I put it near the window over the sink, so that we have a good view. And they've started coming consistently! They're so gotta wonder how they can be so mean to each other. Have you ever seen a hummingbird fight? 

But back to the cats. Skimble, the younger one, seems to have a thing for grocery bags. He just can't leave them alone! And yesterday, we procured this epic footage...

(Sorry, I can't figure out how to upload a video so that it works.)

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  1. Shea that picture of me is awesome with the sparks flying and everything


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