Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Kicks

Man, I sure do love making my husband do things he doesn't really want to do.

Like search for his "Easter basket." {in quotations due to the fact it wasn't actually a basket...more like a pile.} {but it was a pile of presents, so it had it's redeeming qualities.}

Doesn't he just look so curious?

Yes, it is a rather odd assortment of things, but Chris has a rather odd assortment of tastes at times.

You gotta admit those are some stylin' pants, though. 

As today I had the whole day to kick back and do absolutely nothing productive things, I decided to try out a simple hair mask made of olive oil and honey. Chris walked into the bathroom to find me slicking back my hair and yellow drips splattered all over the counter. 

Don't worry, I responsibly cleaned it up.

The results weren't bad--my hair was softer, and it may have been a little shinier than it was before. {or it may have been that i was standing directly under a bright light.}

Either way, Chris liked it. 



So now that it's two days after Easter and all our Easter candy is gone {i swear i could eat my weight in Starburst jellybeans}, I've taken up a new addiction:

Right now I'm trying desperately not to drip on my laptop as I try to cram whole chips into my mouth. {yeah....not gettin' a picture of that one}

It's soooooooo deliciously addicting. {thanks a lot brea}

Anyone got any other amazing snacks?
You can never have too many.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my heart, I LOVE that you love the salsa! It's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread :)


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