Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Adventures of RIT and Bleach

Someone should let me name a TV show.

Once upon a time, I had an orange sweater that was THIS color:

Kind of a so-so faded orange.

But THEN.....

I mixed up some bleach solution {10 parts HOT water to 1 part bleach}and soaked the orange sweater for half an hour. {for more tips on bleaching, go HERE}{i love her. she is my hero.}

When I pulled it out, it was now THIS color:

{off-white....ish. sorry these first few pictures are crap. couldn't find my camera.}

Next, with a handy bottle of  golden yellow RIT liquid dye {instructions on bottle}, I mixed up some dye solution in which I proceeded to swirl said sweater around for approximately fifteen minutes. {you don't have to leave anything in for the full amount on the bottle, just pull it out when it turns the color you want}

Now, I have a yellow sweater:

Are you amazed????

Let me tell you, when I pulled that sweater out of the dye and rinsed it out, I swear I saw millions of doors opening before my eyes.


Go dye something. It'll change your life.

On a somewhat-related topic, that picture you see above was taken at my friend Kim's baby shower. {awww, babies!}

Having been on a sewing kick, I decided to make her something for the shower. {who doesn't want something that no one else has??!}This is what I came up with:

Blanket {my first!}:

Burp cloths:

And the part of which I am MOST proud....a FISH:

Remarkably easier than you'd think. I just pulled up a silhouette on our computer, then held a paper up to the screen and traced the outline. {i suppose if you want you could actually print it off.}Then I cut it out, pinned it to some fabric, and cut out two shapes. I decided to get a little fancy at this point, and used a narrow zig-zag stitch to attach some strips of cloth leftover from the burp cloths and blanket. Then, I pinned it right sides together and sewed everything except a small gap to turn it right-side-out. Turned it the right way, stuffed it full of stuffing, and then used a handy ladder stitch to close the opening. Ta-daaaaaa!

I'm so proud.

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  1. Well, first off... I would have never guessed that the sweater you had dyed yellow was anything other than that. It was a gorgeous yellow, which looked great on you by the bye.

    Then, I must say that your craftiness is amazing and those were amazing gifts you gave Baby Natalie (me... hehe). The FISH. It's awesome, I think it was one of my favorite gifts I had been given yesterday.

    Also, I really liked the burp rags because they had nice and thick terri-cloth instead of the normal flannel burp rags.

    The blanket is exciting as well because I absolutely love the fuzzy green backing. It'll be nice and soft for my lil' girl.

    Thanks for your hard work, crafty ingenuity, and thoughtfulness. :) I'm so glad you were able to make it to the party. And another thank you, Thank you for being a great friend!

    P.S. You chose wonderful and amazing colors for your sewing pallet.


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