Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Booty Bling: Adding Bling to Jeans


I have no clever way of introducing my post today. 

Oh well. 

Recently I've been seeing a lot of jeans that have just a little bit of snazz to them--you know, small jewels and bling. Of course, I wasn't going to buy a new pair of jeans, so I started trying to figure out how I could do it myself. 

I found THESE babies while browsing at JoAnn's:


Then I took these jeans....

And sewed on these beads.....

And now I have DIY bling.

One on each side of the front pockets, and two on each back pocket--six total.

Plus, then I got to tell my husband I needed him to come home and take pictures of my butt. 

{to which he responded with gusto.}

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