Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Do you Southern Utah people ever go to Groovefest? 

It's, ya know, pretty cool.

Lots of music, lots of food. Purely wonderful.

Chris & I had some free time on Saturday, so we headed over to the park to check everything out. 

I love walking around and looking at all the different booths--there was artwork, hand-crafted jewelry, and every some handmade clothing. One serious-looking cowboy had a booth entirely dedicated to horseshoe sculptures, glorious things like giant "welcome" signs and 40-foot cactuses

Yes, 40-foot cactuses {cacti?}.

Apparently they take several months to create.

Although they definitely did not make me as happy as this giant spool of cotton candy.

When was the last time you had cotton candy?? Can you even remember?

...of course  I don't have an overactive sweet tooth...stop thinking that...

I also managed to turn a $3 thrifted men's polo into a super-comfy {like, super comfy} top.

It has buttons in the back, which I thought were cute, but which makes every other person I see ask me if I have my shirt on backward. Including my husband.

Next time I'm just going to say it's my head that's on backwards, not my shirt.

I hope you've seen this movie.

Otherwise it's like I'm not funny at all.

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