Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A DIY Father's Day

I seriously am so proud of this idea, guys. I can't even tell you.

Along with breakfast in bed, this is what I gave Chris for Father's Day:

His Dutch grandfather always says, "If you ain't Dutch you ain't much!" And Chris quotes him all the time, so I thought this idea was a fun twist on that saying.

To start off, I cut out a patch from some old jeans. {if you are not trying to be as redneck as we are, you could use a variety of different fabrics.}

Then I ironed in all the edges.

And with some of this fabric paint {you can find it for like 97 cents at Walmart}, I wrote out the saying I wanted.

Then {get this}, I hot glued it onto the hat. No sewing required. It's so easy--there are so many possibilities! You could write a name, or draw a picture of something that reminds you of the person you're giving it to. 

Chris laughed his head off when he saw what I'd written.

 I actually kind of want to make me one now.


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