Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things I've Been Up To As Of Late

I looooooove spring break. It {usually} combines two of my favorite things: 

Spring. And a break.

Both the Christopher and I were able to get work off through Thursday, so we headed out of town Saturday night and enjoyed the better part of the week relaxing {and letting our families spoil us at yummy restaurants}{the corned beef at Cracker Barrel is amazing, by the way}.

We were able to congratulate a couple of our friends at their wedding reception in Milford, where I got to show off this epic-ly awesome skirt I made.

Check out the tutorial. Easiest skirt you'll ever make. 

We also went to my brother's choir concert {he is a stud}.....

....went skiing....

....and my most favorite was when I got a pedicure with my mother-in-law and ended up with these bright salmon flops to keep my toes pretty.

And by way of other news, I made this for my door:

this for my kitchen:

and these for my living room:

{tutorials here and here.}

Wow. This makes me sound super busy.

And happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I'm not Irish...but I wonder if I can convince my dear husband to kiss me anyway? 


  1. You made that skirt? I LOVE it, it totally rocks!

  2. Sounds like a busy and fun week! :) I'm totally impressed by the skirt!

  3. You are pretty much amazing! I absolutely LOVE the skirt! And all your new decor rocks too :)


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