Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kitchen Chair Redo

I love bright colors. They make me happy. And I've always wanted a green kitchen. 

It just seems so cheerful and...warm. 

Plus I am totally a veggie person. {does that relate....?}

So far, since we're poor and living in a rental, there aren't a lot of things I can permanently change in our kitchen, but I've got green plants, and green decor. So you at least get the idea.

And nowwwwww......I have green chairs. 


If you have chairs like ours, it's preeeeeetty dang simple to recover them. 

1. Take a cushion and measure how much fabric you will need. Be sure to wrap the measuring tape under the sides where you will be stapling the fabric underneath.

Here's our cushion:

Yes. Beige. Wonderful. 

2. Get you some fabric! Cut it according to your measurements for each chair. Lay a piece flat and center your cushion, making sure the fabric is right-side down.

Please ignore the mauve carpet in the background that I hate with every fiber of my being. 

3. Pick a side to start on and staple the fabric up and over the side of the cushion.

Monitor use of the staple gun carefully. 

4. Staple fabric the same way over opposite side, being sure to pull it taut. 

5. Fold and staple your corners. Here's how we did it:

6. Staple the remaining two sides. Flip it over....

....and admire!

Chair skeletons.


I love the pop of color it adds to our kitchen.


  1. Love! :) you are quite the little crafter! You need to come help me! Haha. My poor house needs all the loving it can get!


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