Sunday, March 25, 2012


Okay, seriously? 

I am loving knit skirts.

They are suuuper comfy, and suuuuper easy to make.

So.....I made another one.

Remember the black and white striped skirt I made out of t-shirts?

Well I made another.

I went to the thrift store, bought a white tee and a floral patterned....well, Chris calls it a muumuu. 


The teal shirt I already had. It has a stain near the neckline so I never wear it, but I loved the color so much I couldn't throw it away. {so glad i didn't.}

Seriously, guys, you have to make one. 


Also, we tried to go see The Hunger Games on Saturday afternoon {as much fun as they are, midnight showings require a 2-hour nap beforehand....mebbe we're old}, and it was sold out. I almost cried. Here in Cedar things never sell out.


Until next week I guess.


  1. should start a homemade clothes blog. you are so crafty. I LOVE the skirt!

  2. I agree with Crystal. Sheesh girl you are so talented! Jealous... I can't even touch a sewing machine without making a mess ;)

  3. I seriously can't believe you made that! What an amazing job and talent. and I LOVE the patterns you picked out!


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