Thursday, January 19, 2012

There's a Climber in the House

And boy, is he persistent.

This is him, climbing up a folded chair to get to the clock pendulum. 

He almost managed to bat it once, too. 

I surely do love our cats: They keep my feet warm at night, laze around with me in the mornings when I get to sleep in, and meow their heads off {in a cutely annoying way} until I pick them up when they're in the mood to be carried around. 

They are entertaining as all heck, too.

There was the time Skimble got caught in a plastic bag. 

Don't worry, I only let him run around trying to escape the bag that inexplicably kept following him for about twenty minutes. 

And there's the way I catch him sleeping in the mornings when the sun starts to light up the room.
{no joke he really does this}

Or the way he tunnels under our comforter when we're not around.

And then there's the way Fiyero sleeps.
{anywhere and everywhere--its literally like he just passes out in whatever positions he happens to be in}

And how curious he is.

They're a couple of crazies, and I love them to death. 

Thank you all for tuning in to my old-lady-who-loves-her-cats post. 

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