Monday, January 9, 2012


Do you know which hymn that is?

It's the one that's been going through my head since this morning.

You still don't know?

Okay. It's "Did You Think To Pray?" 

And when I was humming it this morning, I figured something out {YESSSSS....I can be smart when I want to be}. Do you remember the phrase "Prayer will change the night to day?" Have you ever thought about what that means?

Because it's pretty amazing. 

1. Prayer will turn utter darkness into beautiful light. 

During struggles, during sadness, during pain....when we pray, He's promised us that He will be there. And when we look to our Father, He fills us with His light.

2. Prayer should always be the transition from waking up to starting your day. 

It's a literal connotation: Prayer will change the night to day. Before you begin your day, before you go out and do busy-like things, you should take that moment to acknowledge that your day is starting. Because the only reason you've made it from another night to another day is because He has something for you to do. 

Thank Him for that. 

Don't forget to pray.

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