Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Been Such a "D"lightful Day: DIY Fabric Monogram

Okay, it really hasn't been that interesting of a day.

I was just trying really hard to tie my title into the post.

{I should at least get points for cleverness.}

I've been wanting to make this craft for a while, but, as usual, it took me a while to get around to it. 

It's a DIY fabric monogram. Since I'm cheap, I just cut the 'D' out of styrofoam, but you could also just buy a cardboard letter. Gather up all your fabric scraps, and hot glue them around the letter.

 I attached it {hot glued it} to a canvas that I bought for half-off at Joann's. 


It goes rather nicely with my green kitchen. 
{not like I did that on purpose or anything.}

And to end, I just wanted to share one more craft. This one was made as a baby gift for my cousin who's having a little girl. It was sorta inspired by Pinterest slash muddled together in my own brain. Meaning I mostly made it up.

It's rather hard to read thanks to the high reflectiveness of the marbles, but it says "Hello Sunshine." 

Super-cute for a little girl's room {or so I think}. 

I used paper ripped into strips for the background, and just modpodged it to the picture glass. Then, I took alphabet stickers and stuck them to a variety of patterned paper to create interesting backgrounds. I used clear silicone to glue glass marbles over the letters for a little dimension. Then, I found some cute, vintage-looking butterfly cut-outs, glued them to corkboard, and added them to the picture. 

Awwww, little girl stuff.

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