Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There's a First Time for Everything

Since I'm still working out how to post my pictures from Photobucket {that site is NOT happy with me}, I decided to do a little Q&A for you. I saw this on another blog and I think it's kinda fun.

You're fascinated already, I can tell.

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning:
Blink like a madwoman {why are mornings so bright?}.

2. First thing you do when you get home from work:
Honestly? Usually I have to pee.

3. First kiss:
I thought it was incredibly romantic-- it was in the rain. Although, technically, we were inside. Eh, but who cares! It was my first kiss. ;)

4. First home:
The first house I remember growing up in was a duplex in Bountiful, Utah. My first home after I moved to college was in Cedar City, Utah.

5. First car:
The awesome little '93 Honda Accord that now belongs to my brother! Yep, she's still running.

6. First car accident / traffic violation:
My first ticket was on the freeway heading home one weekend from Cedar City. It was totally unfair.

7. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up:
The little mermaid! Baha!

8. First choice of beverage:
Orange juice. Deeeeelicious.

9. First choice of dessert:
Now that's a tough one. Mmmm....at the moment I'm feeling Mountain Dew Cake.

10. First choice of restaurant:
For fast food: Taco Time. For sit-down, Olive Garden.

11. First song that comes to mind:
Two Black Cadillacs, Carrie Underwood.

12. First major purchase:
Its happening this week! The Christopher and I are buying our very first brand-new washer!

13. First job:
I scored the glamorous job of sales associate at Old Navy.

14. First time you flew on a plane:
I think it was for the choir trip in high school. New York, baby! Wait...maybe it was San Francisco...

15. First real "grownup" job:
Copywriter! I was super lucky to score my first freelancing job last year; this year I'm working on my second! It makes me very excited.

Well, there you are. Fifteen firsts. Did you learn something new?

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