Monday, January 28, 2013

3 Easy Ways to Update Old Frames

Winter gives me a serious case of the blahs. 

No color, no SUN. It's enough to make anyone cry.

So when I get the urge for bright, happy days, I start looking for something around the house that I can brighten up. Picture frames are some of the easiest updates you can make, and here are three easy ways to make those old frames into new beauties. 

1. Pick up a unique frame from the thrift store and paint it a bright color.

This cute double-frame used to be brown. Plain, boring, brown. I used a pretty blue spray paint to give it a facelift, and sanded the detailing to bring it out.

2. Use Mod-Podge and patterned fabric to give a plain frame some interest. 

Paint your frame with Mod-Podge, then carefully apply the fabric. I used a rotary cutter to trim the edges. A fabric-covered frame is a unique piece you don't see everyday, plus the billions of fabric choices mean you can customize it to look however you want.

3. {and this is the easiest} White paint!

Updating frames doesn't get any easier than this. The outside of this block used to be black. Which wasn't bad, but it definitely darkened the whole thing up. All I did was paint it white---and doesn't it look so much brighter? 

So, ta-da! There are three easy ways to brighten up your winter blues {and your decor}. 

I can't wait for warm days again. Can you?


  1. Love it! you are so crafty Shea :) I love redoing old frames. I got some from DI and glued them together with wood glue and spray painted and then distressed them and they turned out awesome. DIY is totally the way to go- such a great self-accomplishment feeling! :)

    1. Amber! You should blog about some of them---I love seeing new ideas!


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