Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nothing Much

Seems like life is so much busier these days.

BUT. At the same time it's like nothing much is happening.

It's weird, you know?

So I was trying to think of something interesting to write about to keep my blog up-to-date, and then I started thinking about why nothing interesting has really happened. 

It's because all my time lately has been spent unboxing, working, rearranging, working, visiting family, hanging pictures, working {yup, again}, and even interviewing for a new copywriting job. 

Oh, and working.

My life is definitely a lot busier than it used to be. Apologies for the extreme lack of interesting projects to post about. 

However, here's what's coming up:
I have strong designs on  making a new maxi skirt with some material I scored at a thrift store for TWO. DOLLARS. 

We are going to Tuacahn!!!! Warm weather....not having to make the bed....frozen excited.

{and most exciting of all} Hawaii. Yesssssssssssssssssss. 
{ps--what do you wear to a wedding on the beach?}

I will get much more interesting soon, I promise. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I totally turned 24. 

Wow, how old does that make me in cat years? Like, ancient. 

Because of course it matters how old I am in cat years....

Oh and by the way, my birthday was last month. Yeeeeeeah.

I've been busy, okay? 

But here's the lowdown:
I got to have dinner at one of my favorite places, the Olive Garden:

And I really wish that I could somehow describe to you the absolute amazingness of the dish I chose. Alas, words will not suffice. So go, eat the Parmesan Chicken {not the same as chicken parmigiana}.  It's imperative that you try it. Your life will change. 

As we were driving home, I was suggesting movies we could rent, ice cream we could buy, and various other things to take up the rest of our night. Little did I know that Chris had a surprise waiting for me.

We walked in the door, and out popped a bunch of our friends! With CAKE! 

Just because 'cake' is in caps and 'friends' is not it doesn't necessarily mean that one is more important than the other.

 {or maybe it does. i mean, it was funfetti cake...}

We chatted and ate {ridiculously} giant pieces of cake topped with delicious ice cream. 

It was a sweet birthday.

And now I'm old. 

{and slow.} {as evidenced in the amount of time it took me to post about this.}

Friday, August 10, 2012



Giant bruise on right thigh.

Multiple small bruises on both knees.

Two bruised toes due to being squished by a piano.

Gash down the side of left big toe from the sharp corner of a mirror.

Stabbed thumb from the sharp teeth meant to cut packing tape.

Random bruise on left bicep.


Living room, kitchen, and craft corner all arranged to my liking.

Computer desk painted blue. {i love it}

One bookshelf painted white. One more to go.

New fan installed. {definitely not by me though}

Orange cat lured out from under the bed for two consecutive days.

New job started.


We have a lot of crap. 

We are addicted to buying fish. Before we hit the grocery store, we stop by the pet store to oogle.

Living closer to family means family gets to prevail on you to do odd jobs around the house/yard.

The Walmart here is a much scarier place than the one in Cedar. {what do so many people have to talk to themselves about?}

And lastly, despite a hugemongous DI pile, we still have a lot of crap. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Dear Poor Neglected Blog:

I am only a little bit sorry for ignoring you. I have had a lot on my plate the past couple weeks.


Do you have any idea how much crap stuff accumulates while you've been living in the same place for over 2 years?

I have to sit down just thinking about it.

It only took us weekly truckloads packed to the sky, a U-Haul, an Expedition, and all the extra space in my Buick to get it all up here. No biggie.


Yes, that is a separate bullet point, because it is just as much work as actually moving. 

But believe it or not, after only 2 days, I have my kitchen put away!

There are probably a few unlabeled boxes floating around somewhere, but still.

Did you notice the dishwasher???!

Oh. Heaven.

What was I talking about? Ah yes. Neglect-ence. 

So sorry about that.

But honestly, the real victims of neglect here are my eyebrows. So stop complaining.

P.S. We now live within acceptable friend distance of two people whom we love very much.


I didn't even take a picture when they came over to help because there's no way a photo could contain all my excitement.

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