Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I totally turned 24. 

Wow, how old does that make me in cat years? Like, ancient. 

Because of course it matters how old I am in cat years....

Oh and by the way, my birthday was last month. Yeeeeeeah.

I've been busy, okay? 

But here's the lowdown:
I got to have dinner at one of my favorite places, the Olive Garden:

And I really wish that I could somehow describe to you the absolute amazingness of the dish I chose. Alas, words will not suffice. So go, eat the Parmesan Chicken {not the same as chicken parmigiana}.  It's imperative that you try it. Your life will change. 

As we were driving home, I was suggesting movies we could rent, ice cream we could buy, and various other things to take up the rest of our night. Little did I know that Chris had a surprise waiting for me.

We walked in the door, and out popped a bunch of our friends! With CAKE! 

Just because 'cake' is in caps and 'friends' is not it doesn't necessarily mean that one is more important than the other.

 {or maybe it does. i mean, it was funfetti cake...}

We chatted and ate {ridiculously} giant pieces of cake topped with delicious ice cream. 

It was a sweet birthday.

And now I'm old. 

{and slow.} {as evidenced in the amount of time it took me to post about this.}

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