Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy End Table Personalization

The whole time that we've been married, we've never had real end tables until now. We were newlyweds, in college, and we used spools instead. 

Yep. Those big, round, wooden spools that electricians use to wind wire cable. 

We did stain them, though, so they blended in a little more {not many people noticed them, actually}. When we moved, we decided they were too much of a pain to take with, so we dumped them on one of our friends and took off without them.

We finally got around to getting real end tables last month. They're just simple, white, wooden tables from Ikea, but for EIGHT. DOLLARS. EACH. you can't go wrong. 

Here's the genius idea we came up with to make them a little

Step one: Buy banister knobs for super cheap.

Step two: Paint banister knobs your favorite color of the day.

Step three: Since banister knobs come with screws, simply drill holes in the bottom of your end table legs and screw knobs in.

And that's the end. I like the bright blue--it adds a little bit of color, and makes simple white end tables a little bit more jazzy. 


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