Sunday, October 7, 2012

Click Here to Be Jealous

Part 1.

So we went to Hawaii. Just by the way. 

It was awesome, and this post is about to fill up with pictures.

Here we are, in St. George, ready to drive to California.

Which went just peachy keen until right before Death Valley. When the A/C went out.

Then we did fun things like stop at gas stations to stand in the freezers.

And sit on the floor of the Baker, California Autozone because the tile was cool.

Thankfully, my amazing husband is a car genius, and fixed it so we could have cool air for the rest of the drive. 

 So. Happy. 

We made it to Corona, stayed the night at my uncle's {he has a MISTER in his backyard!}, and then drove to the airport the next morning.

Where we saw this guy. Apparently he's a ridiculously awesome bad guy on shows that I am unaware of.

After a 6 hour flight, where we got to eat {non}awesome airline food and make fun of my mom,

 I got my first view of Hawaii.

We arrived and drove past skyscraper after skyscraper after graffiti {of which we took pictures like maniacs}, and then checked into our hotel.

The Hale Koa, "House of the Warrior." My military uncle {who I'm pretty sure coined the phrase, "I know a guy"} got us hookups there.

They put on this big luau at night.

They roast a pig in the ground and then feed it to you, and it is delicious.

Then there's hula dancing, fire dancing, and a lot of music.

The next morning, after doing a bit of exploring around some nearby shops, we stopped to eat at Hank's Haute Dogs. It's been featured on the food network; they're famous for serving lobster dogs. Of which they were out. Pfffff. But the Polish sausage with mango mustard and pineapple relish was still pretty dang good.

Hate crocs.

Then we drove across the island to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Yup. He's totally asleep.

The guys did fun things like try to climb palm trees, and start fires with sticks.

We got awesome tattoos, took a canoe ride, and watched my brother get forced to play a giant drum in front of a lot of people.

Just as the sun was setting, we grabbed a bus and took a tour of the temple grounds. 

Absolutely stunning. 

And that concludes the first part of our week. 

Are you dying with jealousy yet?
{i mean, cuz you should be.}


  1. I am TOTALLY dying of jealousy! Looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Email pictures from this vacation and ANY other pictures you have of you and Chris and of your family! I need pictures from your side of the family to put in Grandma and Grandpa's book I'm working on for them!


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