Thursday, May 24, 2012

Total Eclipse of the...Sun

Any of you catch the eclipse the other day?

It was awesome. We had a stellar viewpoint here down south.

With nothing much else to do on a Sunday afternoon, we packed our sunglasses, our camera, and our cat, and headed to the golf course to camp out for an hour and a half.

This is my most favorite picture.

And my second-favorite.

Did I mention that our cat is awesome? And that he comes when he's called?

This is right when the moon was smack in front of the sun.

Any excuse to kiss and take a picture.

Our two-year anniversary is coming up this month! I can't even tell you how excited I am to spend the weekend in St. George, in the sun, at a beautiful lake, with my most favorite person in the world.

A weekend getaway is exactly what we need. 

You know how when you grow up, sometimes life gets complicated with things? Things like wondering if you should buy a house? And where you should move? And which job your husband should take? 

Things like when is the right time and where is the right place and what is it that you're supposed to do when you get there?

Our lives are going to be changing, in a big way, in the next couple months. Yeah, it stresses me out a little. But we'll get through it. 

It makes me excited {and scared} like I've never been before.

It also makes me pray like I've never prayed before, and I know that He's watching out for us. 

That wherever we go, whatever we do, it'll be the right thing in the right place.

I just don't know when the heck we're gonna get there.


  1. Creepy question.... do you live in Cedar? Or have I asked you this before? Ha ha.
    I tell you what! I never EVER wanted to live in Cedar but the Lord definitely knows what's best and He would never lead us astray! Even though I'm still struggling big time with living here, I know it's RIGHT. So don't worry :) It will work out perfectly!

    1. Haha YES I do live in Cedar! And you may have asked before. :) Thanks for your comment--it's good to be reminded that He always knows better!


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