Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cuteness: DIY Dishtowels

So the other day, I happened upon this adorable idea while on Pinterest.

I was so inspired, I ran out, bought all the supplies, and promptly made three different Mother's Day gifts. 

And, can I just say, they are soooooooooo cute. 

It kills me a little.

They are so easy! I want to make them for everyone. {and me.}

The rundown:

You will need plain dishtowels, cute fabric, and a sewing machine. {duh.}

All you have to do is cut the fabric a little wider than the dishtowel, iron all four edges under so it's the same width as the towel and whatever length you want, and sew around the edges! 

If you want, you can do two strips of varying lengths, like I did.

The end.{seriously.}

I made a set of two for each mother. {yes, i have three.}

I dunno, are my eyes lying? Are they really not that cute? Do you not want to start giggling when you look at them?

Maybe it's just me. {impossible}

{such. cuteness.}

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