Sunday, September 25, 2011

The One Where I Feel Like I Have Talent

So this past week I seem to have caught a bug.

A crafting bug! {Ha! Gotcha!}

I was looking around on Pinterest {join it} and saw a couple cute necklace projects that I just HAD to try. Because they are super-duper cute.

So I made this necklace:

 {Sadly, not my ACTUAL necklace...I was too lazy to take my own pic...but it looks EXACTLY the same I PROMISE.}

 Total cost? $5.

And then I made this one:
Cost of this piece? $4.

I think I'm on a lace kick. 

Just look at this dress.

Anyway. Moving on. To something completed unrelated. To my next subject.

Chris and I went on a drive up into the mountains today, and can I say, it is absolutely beautiful up there.  We ended up at Duck Creek Lake, a small pond that is surrounded on all sides by pines and aspens. 

I love it up there.

It reminds me just how wonderful God's creations are. 

 See the squirrel?

Don't judge too harshly on the pictures here. I don't have a tripod. That means the camera was balanced on rocks, trees, and other various small objects to  get it pointed in the right direction.

I love nature.
I love Chris.
I love crafts.
That's all you need to take away from this post. 


  1. those necklaces are sooo cute! I am the least crafty person so I can't make anything cool! :)
    ps. congrats on your recent 1 year anniversary! so exciting! i love weddings :)

  2. Thank you BOTH for the compliments! It's good to know my lack of skill doesn't show through... :)


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