Monday, September 12, 2011

Love Notes & Mishmash

Am I bored?

Why yes, thanks, I am.
{save me}

And I think I'll mishmash blog a little.
{mishmash blog: to blog without a single train of continuing thought; to tangent randomly}

We went to a party the other night, and it was a pretty good party. There was just one thing wrong with it: nobody really wanted to talk to us. And why would anybody NOT want to talk to the most awesome, laid-back, coolest couple on earth? Because they were are single. And Chris and I realized something...that there is a thing called 'single-people blinders.' It's totally a thing. Single people are totally focused on being single, and don't have a whole lot of time to spend meeting other people who aren't single. They're focused on other single people with whom they can possibly hook up with to then bring both of them out of their mutual single-ness. I think I'm overusing the word 'single.' So we left that party, made an 11 o'clock run to WalMart, and made smoothies. 

And drank them together. 
{Awww...lots of little hearts here.}

Which made me think of all the other random stuff we do together. Like the time we made homemade {real} scones:

I thought they were good. 
Chris hated did not care for them.

Or the time we planted a garden together. Okay, it's not really a garden. It's a couple plants in pots. So what. A girl can dream, right?

We actually picked our first zucchini and some little peppers!  {scream!}

And the time we went a little crazy with the tye-dying. 
OHMYGOSH it's so addicting. 

I then thought to myself, Why is it I never get sick of spending time with Chris?
{I know, I'm such a thinker.}

It's because he does little things like this:

Oh. So. Yum.

And like this:

It's an ongoing joke between us that whenever he grabs me a drink, he always takes a swig before he hands it to me. He tells me he's checking for poison.

Isn't it great to know he's looking out for me?

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