Friday, May 13, 2011

Rainbow Trout--the One Fish I Can Recognize

Fishing is awesome. It really is. It gives you an excuse to kick back near a lake, read a book, and enjoy the day. Which I did. Not really expecting to catch anything. And then the pole moved.


Thats about when I started yelling for Chris.

It started flopping and I was NOT letting it touch me. Shut up.

And would you believe it, we proceeded to catch THREE MORE.

One small one we let go. 
(Or he miiiight have just escaped.)

It was really just the best day.

ANNNND Crissy gutted her first fish! This is a huge step, people. 

Me (observing Crissy gut fish from afar): I'm so proud of you! There's no way I'd have the guts...

Crissy: Neither does the fish! Ha!


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