Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anniversary Weekend (Awwww)

This last weekend was our 1 year anniversary. 

Holy COW! Where on earth did a whole year go??? 

Chris & I got to relax in a hotel up north for a couple days. It was soooooo nice! LET me tell you, I never realized how much I liked not having to make the bed. I had my first-ever massage (mmm), we got to eat at this wonderful little waffle shop, and had a hot tub at our disposal. 

Let me introduce you to the best-most-amazing waffle place ever.



Vanilla waffle with fresh strawberries!

The cone of fries.

The machine-gun sandwich. 

They offer waffles, fries, and one sandwich. 

Aaaand my mouth is watering all over again. Moving on.

We also had dinner at Tucano's...

 ...where we fell so in love with the grilled pineapple that we decided to make some ourselves.
For Chris's family's dinner. The next night.

Robbie keeping watch. And being cool.

 Memorial Day we had breakfast with Chris's family #2 and lunch at the Happy Sumo with my familia (lots of family....yes). 

Then we hung around the cool spot of Provo: Provo Beach Resort. 

Chris and my brother did the ropes course, and then Jace proceeded to have a ridiculous lucky streak where he won hundreds of tickets at every game he touched. Totally unfair. 

 And as the day came to a close...we bought each other $4 Memorial Day gifts...ha!

Even though that doesn't look like a happy face, trust me, it IS. 

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend just as much!


  1. oh bruge's....can I have a million scoops of Crème fraiche on my waffle please? Your weekend sounds SO fun! And delicious!


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