Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentinians & Brides-to-Be

I have a lot to catch up on!
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweeties. I know I did. And I got some handmade killer earrings in the deal. I know you would love to see them, but the pictures of me opening them all turned out blurry. Take my word--they're beautiful! My dear Christopher also got me the one thing I've always wanted for V-day but somehow NEVER gotten (curse you ex-boyfriends)--a box of chocolates! Okay okay...cliche, but its chocolate. Stop judging. And it was in the shape of a heart. Aw.

From me to him I decided to get a bunch of little gifts and surprise him with them throughout the day. First up: a bottle of orange Fanta, some pistachios, and a CD of mushy love songs. 

"I hope that you'll say yes
and make my 'fanta-sy' come true,
oh won't you be my Valentine
'cause I'm just 'nuts' for you!"

Get it? Get it??? Mock me if you will. I thought it was cute.

Next up: new after-shave lotion (I personally smelled ALL of the ones in the store), coconut body scrub, and a box of Red Hot candy. No poem this time (rhyming=headache), just a note that said:

"'Cause you are RED HOT!"

Mmmm-hmmm. Yes he is. And to put the icing on my metaphorical cake of gifts, I gave him cufflinks in the shape of levels. They were pretty awesome--thanks Amazon! 


The weekend before Valentine's we went up north to celebrate a friend's bridal shower. It was pretty fun--though I found out I was the oldest one there! At 22. Yowch. A blow to the ego.
Its okay, I recovered with the help of some Oreo truffles.Or it may have just been an excuse to eat chocolate.

She was super-excited about the game we picked out--Strip Checkers: the only game where you can lose your pants and still win! I wonder if they'd let us borrow it?? Hmmm...maybe if we just steal it....


So. SO. I am starting to get into sewing. So far I have made: 

1. A cat bed.
2. A crunchy tag blanket.

I'm that awesome.

The picture is not the best, I know, but it turned out cute if I may say so myself. Super easy!


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