Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Now THATS better. :)

Our last couple weeks in pictures:

Now I shall explain.
The foxy redhead you see is Ashley, who turned 21 last week! Yaaaaay. And she was also the winner of spoons ( I was totally voting for her). Hence the spoon. It was quite a game--no serious injuries. The lovely 3-pieced toast was a yummy snack I had at my friend Kim's house. Her husband made it (what a pro) so I could try some of the amazing jam they had--only I couldn't decide which kind sounded best. So, I had some of each. Yummmmmm. And lastely, that singing boy at the piano is our good friend Tyler! He and our friend Mario performed at Bread & Soup Nite yesterday. Tyler just came out with a CD. Tyler Knight music--look it up. He's amazing! 

By way of other news...we are heading up north this week for a friend's bridal shower and to have some fun with another friend for his birthday. I'm pretty excited...except it seems like this week is being SUPER nasty and destroying all my excitement for the weekend. There's just a lot going on with school and I haven't been in the best of moods. I worry a lot where I'm going to find a job at the end of the semester. :/ 


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