Monday, April 15, 2013

Journalings of a Primary Teacher {4-14-13}

I love hearing kids pray. They have no fear, no expectations, and no filter. Plus, they almost always say something completely adorable.

In primary today, the girl who got up to say the closing prayer just made me giggle. She started off with, "Heavenly Father, thank you for letting us be in primary today...." and then said, "Please bless us not to be rude. Bless us that we will be nice. Please bless us not to be rude..."

And then, realizing she'd just repeated herself, quickly stuttered out, " our parents! Nameofjesuschristamen." 

And one of my most other favorite things in the world is when they mention us  in their prayers. 

Hearing, "Thank you that Sister Diepeveen and Sister Passey are our primary teachers" kinda just melts my heart.

Primary class for me really is just a giant circle of melting heart, saying 'no' to the same question ten times, pulling kids back into their chairs, and stifled giggling. This week I had a word search as part of my lesson, and it just cracked me up listening to them do it {because in our classroom, word searches are very loud}. 

From the two girls next to each other trying to secretively glance at each other's papers: 
"I found 'principle!'" 
"Well I found it too!" 
"I found 'gospel!'" 
"I FOUND 'GOSPEL!' ....where was it?"

From the boys: "I found the word 'ham.'"
" says TV!"
"'POO!' I found 'POO!'"

We are just so good at staying on topic.

And over in my husband's class, they are the kings and queens of metaphors. You might remember the "Joseph Smith had pedals" metaphor gone wrong from this post. This week, Chris decided to emphasize that Heavenly Father keeps His promises by saying, "For example, if Heavenly Father told you that if you jumped on your left leg 25 times He would give you a red Ferrari, do you think it would happen?"

This promptly caused excited left-leg jumping all over the classroom.

{Primary teacher high five!}


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