Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lazy, Lazy, Busy

It's true.

I am twice as lazy as I am busy.

When I finally get home from work #1, get done with at-home work #2, tidy-up the house, and possibly make dinner, all I want to do is sit. On my butt. Maybe stare at the wall, or something useful like that.

But instead, tonight, I am doing you all the honor of blogging. 

We went camping a while ago. Which may not seem like that big of a deal to most of you, but see, I've actually never been camping. Don't judge. And actually, it was kinda fun. I like the fire part, the hot chocolate part, the billions of balls of gas burning millions of miles away {name that quote!}, the morning hot chocolate, the fishing...pretty much everything except the sleeping on the ground in the cold part.

But I'd go again. :)

Now, skipping right over Halloween {for which we did nothing} {zip} {zero} {nada}, we'll go to last night.
Date Night. 
Winky winky.
I set up this super fun, super easy date {thanks to the Dating Divas} for Chris. I made THIS invite:

...and left it on his desk at work alongside a bomber hat {don't ask me why he wanted one}.

So when he came home....I had set up a  few candles and snowflakes a magical wonderland of cozy goodness. AND made caramel apple bites. AND picked up some movie theater popcorn. AND bought some yummy white chocolate caramel to go in our hot chocolate. AND rented the movie Elf. 

And he was super excited....

....and we both lived happily ever after. 

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