Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bear Lake

For the 24th of July, Chris & I got to spend some time with his mom's side of the family at Bear Lake.

First and most importantly, I did not get sunburned.

It was an absolute blast. I went jet-skiing for the FIRST time:

 I screamed in terror yelled for joy the whole time. Thank goodness the wind threw my voice backwards or Chris might be deaf right now. 

We got to stay in this fabulous-wonderful-incredible-HUGE monster of a house. I'll just show you a few of the pictures so you don't
get incredibly jealous {which you should be}.

Backyard, complete with volleyball nets, gazebo, and firepits.
One of TWO hot tubs!

Our Safari Room. :)

Complete with personal bathroom and walk-in closet (AND a JACUZZI TUB).

Don't hate us because of our awesome family reunions.

Here are just a few more pictures from the lake:

What a hunk!

No, I did not ride the water weenie {because I am too much of a water weenie}.

Stupendous trip. Totally worth the 8 and a 1/2 hour freeway drive it took us to get there. And the terrifying we're-going-to-die-because-we-can't-see-where-we're-going-(stupid setting sun) drive from the freeway to the actual lake. But honestly, it was great getting to know part of Chris's family a little better. It was also great to wake up in the morning and only worry about putting on a little mascara.
(To all you hardcore girls who would've gone completely bare, humor me in my attempt to still look presentable while getting constantly hit in the face with water).

Until next year!

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  1. This post is so cute! you are so funny! So glad you had fun!


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