Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Got Shoes Under My Feet

So I realize I haven't posted in a while.

Sad. Lame. Terrible.

{I know.}

I have returned to wow you with the details of my life.

In Sunday School the other day, the teacher told a little story about an older couple {or shall I say, a mature couple} who realized that while they were newlyweds, they were ALWAYS thanking each other.

"Thanks for doin' the dishes, dearest!"

"Thanks SO much for getting me a Dew!"

"Thanks hunny-bunny for being so nice."

I'm improvising here.

And after they realized this, they also realized that they no longer expressed their gratitude to each other. So, they made a vow to always remember to thank each other, and to recognize and be grateful for the little things. Cute story, huh? {On a tangent point, I hope one day Chris & I turn into that cute little old couple who still hobble around holding hands and telling each other they've "still got it!"}

But anyway. After hearing the story, I decided that I wanted to do the same thing. I hope I never stop being grateful for all of the little things not only that Chris does for me, but also the small things that brighten up my life.

For example.

1. Chris brought me flowers. 

Aw, we are just so young and in love. Try not to gag.

2. The cool way a rainy evening makes all the lights look...awesomer.

3. Corinne & Mike, our cuuuuute neighbors.


4. Our cat Skimble, who really knows how to get comfy.

And whom I usually wake up with my semi-stifled giggling.

{Honestly, who wouldn't want to be a cat? You get to sleep on all the furniture, and shed on all the people you hate. It would be a great life.}

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  1. I can see you as a cute little old lady thanking Chris for the ice cold dew!!


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