Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anniversary Weekend (Awwww)

This last weekend was our 1 year anniversary. 

Holy COW! Where on earth did a whole year go??? 

Chris & I got to relax in a hotel up north for a couple days. It was soooooo nice! LET me tell you, I never realized how much I liked not having to make the bed. I had my first-ever massage (mmm), we got to eat at this wonderful little waffle shop, and had a hot tub at our disposal. 

Let me introduce you to the best-most-amazing waffle place ever.



Vanilla waffle with fresh strawberries!

The cone of fries.

The machine-gun sandwich. 

They offer waffles, fries, and one sandwich. 

Aaaand my mouth is watering all over again. Moving on.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rainbow Trout--the One Fish I Can Recognize

Fishing is awesome. It really is. It gives you an excuse to kick back near a lake, read a book, and enjoy the day. Which I did. Not really expecting to catch anything. And then the pole moved.


Thats about when I started yelling for Chris.

It started flopping and I was NOT letting it touch me. Shut up.

And would you believe it, we proceeded to catch THREE MORE.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Little Itty-Bitty Things

Being job-less sure does give a person time to reflect on what they do have. 
And to learn patience.
And faith.

And more patience.

But man do I ever not have patience.
Ya. Ugh.

Its been hard, but I do feel like there might be some things I'm supposed to learn.
Like patience (Get it yet? Ha!)

So I'm trying. And these are some little things I've appreciated along the way:

GORGEOUS graduation bouquet from Chris's parents!

The sweet little hummingbirds who so obligingly visit my feeder.

Don't you just want to go out and get some for yourself?? 

(Go ahead. I'll wait.)

And lastly but definitely not leastly, let's not forget one of the smallest, yet most important things of all:

"When we get discouraged we sometimes forget just how far our faith can take us."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Thing I Made That is Not Usually Among the Things I Make


I made that. Took the photo, created the design, bought the paper, printed it on the paper, cut it out...so totally a *go me* moment.

I'm quite proud.

I'm not walking (partly because I'm lazy...partly because I'm more of the I-just-spent-4-years-of-my-life-walking-my-feet-off-all-over-this-dang-campus-so-just-give-me-my-diploma-and-we'll-call-it-good type person) but I still wanted to let people know I made it through college. 

Another *go me*  moment. 


Costa Rica & Refurbishing

This last weekend Chris & I got to do something very special...welcome Chris's best friend home from his mission! We were so excited to meet him at the airport...can you tell?

And when he finally arrived...surprise! He's now taller than Chris.


On a COMPLETELY different note... the dresser I was re-doing is FINISHED!

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